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SOOHIA is an Oslo; Norway based fashion line by Anne Sofie Falkenaas. Together with skilled craftsmen from Morocco they make up the Soohia team, who design slow fashion and produce the most luxurious, comfortable, timeless pieces.  


Over the past years, Anne Sofie has travelled around the world in order to source and develop the SOOHIA fashion line in collaboration with her partners. The result is a range of products in a class of its own, with the best quality materials and sewing craftsmanship.


SOOHIA’s design is simple, elegant and timeless. It uses the finest silk and cotton available. The most exquisite hand embroidered details are based on ancient Berber traditions of Morocco.  The haut couture of the caftans is mostly hand made by craftsmen


SOOHIA’s design concept is one of beauty and purity.  When you put on the garment, you feel exquisite, feminine, beautiful and elegant.



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